In addition to teaching art history, I have been working for some years now as a fine art photographer and painter. Having exhibited my work in various venues over the last several years, I am now utilizing this website as a means for reaching new audiences. Following this introduction, the  galleries below present my work from 2007 to the present, including a gallery of the photographs that I showed in “Mural Magnificats,” my one-person show in Manhattan in September, 2007. The final gallery presents a number of my paintings from the last decade. I have generally produced only one or two paintings a year. While the imagery appears comparatively reductive, each work actually requires months for its gestation, working, and reworking. In whatever medium I work, my art focuses on the power of abstract form to bear meaning. Looking at art professionally has sensitized me to that power, which has then confronted me in natural terrains and cultural constructions as well. Beauty is scattered everywhere... lavishly. I hope that my artwork bears witness to that fact

I generally present my photographs in an 8"x12" format, matted in a black, 16"x20" wood frame. (The watermarks visible in the photo galleries will obviously not appear on any prints.) I will happily discuss larger prints. For questions about purchasing photographs, click on the "Contact" tab in the header menu of every page to email me.  Also in the header, you may click "Home" to return to this page at any time or click on the C.V. tab to see my curriculum vitae, as well as a slide show.

"Nothing is more abstract than reality."  (Giorgio Morandi)

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